chandler simental
(CHAN-dler SIM-in-tawl)
Grass nerd
dog dad
f1 enthusiast
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about me

Howdy! (That's Texan for 'hello.') Contrary to popular belief, I was not named after the famously humorous character on the 90's television show 'Friends.' However, if that's a tool you'd like to use to memorize my name, then by all means, go ahead!

Growing up in Texas as the middle child among 5 siblings, I quickly learned the importance of sticking out from a young age. Whether it was making wood art, inventing games with my siblings at abuela's to keep us entertained, or teaching myself to play instruments, I always had a desire to express myself through creativity.

After years of working on golf courses, I decided to advance my career by earning a degree in Turfgrass Science. I successfully earned my Bachelor's of Science from Texas A&M University and had the privilege of working at some of the finest golf courses in North America (including the home of the 100th PGA Championship where I made a rare appearance on live tv which can seen here.)

So, the next time you finish a round of golf and shake hands on the 18th green, thank the grounds crew- even if they did place a tricky pin that led to a quadruple bogey.


My discovery of a passion for design was as unexpected as my passion with turfgrass science. Fortunately, I've found numerous similarities between these two fields, allowing me to apply the skills I've gained throughout my career as a turfgrass scientist. Whether I'm deciphering the puzzle of diagnosing a disease on a golf course fairway or addressing user pain points, my approach remains dedicated to enhancing the user experience.

While I've successfully translated my skills from my previous career field, I find myself eager to continually learn more in the world of design. Like any dedicated designer, my aim is to provide a diverse background that complements the expertise of fellow designers, contributing to a dynamic and ever-evolving design landscape.
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utilizing creativity
My youthful enthusiasm as a designer motivates me to bring a high level of energy and dedication to every project. This helps me bring fresh, innovative ideas that challenge traditional design norms, leading to unique and creative solutions.
Enhance user engagement
Incorporating playful design elements has been shown to boost brand loyalty, grab attention, and provide a positive perception of the product.
are we humans or are we users?
I believe it's essential to recognize the future implications of our designs on both mature and developing minds. I believe in seeking solutions that not only align with business strategy but also make a positive contribution to humanity.